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Mighty Willow Emerald Batting Gloves

Mighty Willow Emerald Batting Gloves Batting Gloves ecricstore

Mighty Willow Emerald Batting Gloves

Mighty Willow gloves provide quality protection not only for the top hand but also adds protection for the lead fingers of the bottom hand and furthermore for all fingers in both hands. They have a soft sheep leather palm, providing superior grip, comfort, and feel.

The side panel vent allows the hands to breathe, preventing the build-up of perspiration and maintenance of grip. The lightweight nature of the gloves and the comfortable wear eradicate the feeling of a barrier between the hands of the batsmen and the handle of the bat, enabling the cricketer to exert greater control over his strokes.


Bought ready to play, Mighty Willow Cricket Bats, very good ping and performance

Purchased Mighty Willow Sapphire Bat, loved it amazing performance

I purchased Mighty Willow Ruby edition bat from ecricstore, completely changed my performance.