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Mighty Willow Junior Sapling Bat (Harrow)

Mighty Willow Junior Sapling Bat (Harrow) Bat ecricstore

Mighty Willow Junior Sapling Bat (Harrow)

Regular price AED. 999.00

Made with Grade One Handpicked English Willow, Mighty Willow’s Junior Sapling Hand-Pressed Cricket Bat is the ideal bat for young cricketers. With minimal concaving to ensure a full profile and wide sweet spot, very thick edges and spine, bowed blade and semi-oval handle, this bat has a superb balance and pick up for all the young budding cricketers out there. They’re sure to strengthen their talent and make everyone proud!

  • Bowed Blade

  • Minimal Concaving

  • Semi-Oval Handle

  • Very Thick Edges and Spine

  • Wide Sweet Spot

  • Perfect Bat for Young Budding Cricketers


Bought ready to play, Mighty Willow Cricket Bats, very good ping and performance

Purchased Mighty Willow Sapphire Bat, loved it amazing performance

I purchased Mighty Willow Ruby edition bat from ecricstore, completely changed my performance.